Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rock'in at the Mall

This past Saturday Mom's Connection was at Children's Day at the Mall! Located right beside Sears, Fye, and a bouncy house, it was the perfect set up for us to give out over 400 flyer's to moms. With our table full of children, we helped them make their own space universe using stencils and stickers! Then we let them choose a prize from our amazing treasure box filled with chinese finger traps, plastic lizards, bouncy balls, and much more. It didn't take much to make these children smile or for us to have a great time reaching out to them. As we handed out flyer's about our group to moms, we also gave them a purple bags to carry their children's artwork! We had a great day!

None of this would have been possible without the moms who helped out! Thank you to everyone who came out to handout flyers and help the children with the crafts~ Yina Wickham, Jenn Allgeier, Missy Beard, Kim Ratcliffe, Jenn Kirsch, Christy Shrom, Katie Trenary, and Sherry White. Our children played a big part in helping as well and sacrificed their playtime at the mall. Thank you to Caitlyn Shrom, Lee and Hannah Fraley, and Heather and Tommy Ratcliffe. A special thanks to Janine DiGiovanni for putting the children's crafts supplies together and for triumphing in reaching out to moms. There wasn't a mom within eyesight that didn't get a bag and flyer! Also a special thanks to Christy and Caitlyn Shrom for designing the posterboard for the event.

It is my prayer we will see many new faces at our meetings coming up and have open hearts to reach out to them.



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