Friday, April 29, 2011

An Easter Miracle

A month ago an awful, horrible thing happened at my home. “Purple Bunny” went missing. My daughter, Hannah, was devastated and then it began…the looking, hoping, and praying.

For four weeks we looked for bunny. I looked all over the house, in the car, and outside. I drove around the mall parking lot because maybe it dropped out of the car. I asked my friends. I checked lost and founds. I asked the church office if they had seen a purple bunny. But nothing…

We wondered what happened to purple bunny. Was she in a dark ditch somewhere? Was she dirty, wet, or cold? Was she going to be like Edward Tulane on a great adventure or the Velveteen Rabbit on her way to becoming real?

Every night at bedtime Hannah called upon God to bring purple bunny home. She was relentless in her prayers. She cried and asked God to watch over her bunny. It seemed impossible that bunny would ever be found. As I was praying over our Easter dinner thanking Jesus for dying on the cross for our sins and raising from the dead three days later, here comes a small voice breaking through saying, “And Jesus, please bring my purple bunny home.”

That night as I was tucking in my daughter and praying again over her purple bunny, I asked God to show Hannah how important she was to Him and how He does hear her prayers. And the next day, He did! She found thin, scruffy, one eyed, purple bunny! That night Hannah proclaimed it was her EASTER MIRACLE!

It wasn’t just her Easter miracle but it was mine too! The real miracle for me was seeing God show up for my child, to see her faith grow right in front of me, and to remind me that God answers prayers.


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