Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Recognition and Special Thanks to Janine

During our topic meeting on Tuesday, November 22, Janine was recognized for her faithful service as our much needed Childcare Director because she is stepping down from this role. Janine has taken on a much larger role as Director of Nursery Ministries at Bethel Assembly of God.

This is how she was honored:

"I would like to take a few minutes and recognize Janine DiGiovanni who has served as our Childcare Director for four years. There are no words to adequately express my deep appreciation for all she has done for Mom’s Connection.

She has handled every task and every obstacle that has come her way making it possible to always provide good childcare for all our meetings. But more than succeeding as our Childcare Director, she has been an invaluable resource during every decision making process and has always been found full of great ideas, honest with her opinions, and trustworthy to keep it confidential.

Janine, thank you for being willing to step up and tackle our childcare issues with a smile on your face, and a loving, caring heart towards moms and their children. I have thanked God for you more times than you will ever know."

Lisa Fraley- Director

Presented to Janine were flowers, card of thanks, and gift card.

Janine will be staying on as part of our leadership for Mom’s Connection as our Finance Coordinator. This is a role she has been fulfilling without the title or recognition.

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