Sunday, May 27, 2012

Our Last Topic Meeting

During our last topic meeting, we had a guest, Tim Clyde, from Clyde's Karate, who taught self-defense moves.  We also had a special speaker, Lisa Fraley, who spoke on The Gifts of Intuition. 

Thank you to Tim Clyde for joining us and giving all the moms a true work out.  Everyone enjoyed themselves.  If you are interested in karate classes for yourself or your children, you may contact Clyde's Karate at 304-229-6410 or check out the website at

A special thank you was given to Christy Shrom for stepping up in leadership as our Hospitality Coordinator for this past year.  She really cared about all the moms and it showed through providing meals, reaching out to new moms, making moms feel welcomed  during our meetings, and encouraging moms to pray for one another. 

Sherry White was announced as our new Events Coordinator.  Thank you Sherry for stepping up in leadership.  For those interested, our Hospitality Coordinator position is still open.  Please see Lisa Fraley for more details.

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