Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mom's Connection's mission and the NSA Awards

Mom's Connection is a ministry to nurture ALL mothers; to reach out with 
encouragement, friendship, and support; and to enable each woman to be
all God created her to be.  Our desire is that Nobody Stands Alone.

To exemplify our mission of being a ministry where Nobody Stands Alone,
a NSA Award, is given at each meeting.  Basically we want everyone in
our ministry on the same page about our goal.  We want everyone
connected and to form deep, meaningful friendships with one another as
we grow together.

Through these awards we are not only encouraging one another towards
 the goal, we are instilling in them that everything they do  and say,
however small, does make a difference.

At every topic meeting you can nominate another mom within our group
for the NSA Award.  Make your nominations in the container provided by
writing down the moms name and what they did that made you feel you
were not alone. At the next topic meeting a nominated mom will be chosen
for our NSA Award!

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