Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Testimony Tuesday

God blesses our lives so much. I thought it would be great to have testimonies on Tuesdays for moms to share what God has done and continues to do in our lives. It's only fair for me to go first since I will be asking many of you to follow behind me. Let's give God praise for all He has done for us!
I was raised in a christian home and attended church everytime the doors were opened. I was dedicated, saved, and baptized. With all my 'spiritual credentials', there was still something missing in my spiritual walk. I didn't really know God. Oh, I thought I knew Him. Instead of putting on Christ's righteousness, I put on my own. It didn't get me far in living a joyful life or producing any fruit for the Kingdom.
Until I was invited to a prayer group called God Catchers! I started to see up close how far I was from God and how other women in that group who didn't have my 'spiritual background' knew Him better. I have to admit I was jealous of these women. I thought what's going on here! But my heart began to burn within me for more of God. These women encouraged me to read my Bible and to spend time with God. They were patient, kind, and loving towards me. And I began to grow in my relationship with Christ. God loved me too much to leave me in that stale, dry place. He wanted me to produce a harvest for Him. I am so thankful to God! I could give a testimony every Tuesday for years of what God did for me while attending that prayer group!!

A special thank you to Kim Ratcliffe and Julia Bivens for being two of the women who were in that group!



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