Friday, December 18, 2009

What's on Your To-Do List for Christmas?

Have you been baking, shopping, or wrapping? I've been wrapping and shopping all week. Things I have been waiting for have come in the mail! Praise God! To my children's excitement, I will be making my homemade fudge today. Yum Yum! Don't be shy and share with us what has been keeping you busy!!
Lisa Fraley

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  1. I made some sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies for us and our extended family. Got most of the Christmas shopping done but still have a few people to buy for. Everything that I have already purchased and crafts that I have made are all wrapped. And our pictures will be ready to pick up this weekend. Right now just sitting around looking at the weather and wondering how much snow we are going to get. Really hoping that we have some either left on the ground for Christmas or that it snows late Christmas Eve. Can't remember when we had snow on the ground for Christmas last.