Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kimberly's Miracle

Most of my closest friends know this, but it just makes me feel so good to tell of God's amazing grace and miracles.

Brayden "Kade" Morgan was born February 19, 2010 after a very difficult pregnancy. Early on in my pregnancy, the sonographer couldn't find where the umbilical cord entered the placenta. In fact, I had to go back for a third sonogram because of this exact issue. After the third sonogram, I assumed she had found where it entered, because I heard nothing else from her. 

I went on bed rest at 28 weeks. I couldn't even get out of bed to eat without my blood pressure shooting into the "stroke" zone. Scott was working all night, coming home for a few hours of sleep while my Mama took care of Britton until Scott woke up, so she could go home to work until she had to return to my house at night...and so on....

I had preeclampsia. At 36 weeks, my body was fighting the baby off as if it were a foreign invader. It couldn't take the pregnancy any longer... SO Dr. Malmborg decided to induce. My water didn't break, so he attempted to break it. He wasn't able to due to severe he said "let's get your epidural and try again". I was completely happy with that decision!

NOTHING but God's precious hands protecting Kade can explain why he wasn't killed when the doctor tried to break my water

My labor went on, I had an epidural. I had contractions. The doctor broke my water... again, God was holding my sweet baby in his hands. I gave birth... to a miracle.  The baby came faster than the doctor could get to the hospital. He walked in about 2 minutes after I gave birth so the nurse delivered him.  When I delivered the placenta he said, "this is a miracle"..."did the baby go into distress?" At that point he left me and went straight to the baby and did a thorough look over. Kade was perfect.

The doctor told us in his 42 years of delivering babies, he'd only seen one other case of Vasa Previa and the baby didn't survive.He told me had I not got sick and put on bed rest, Kade most likely would not have survived labor at  full term. I am forever thankful God made me sick!!!

I was really the talk of the maternity ward!  All these nurses and doctors came to see my placenta! Ha ha! They sent it off to use it for research, and I am so glad we had a story of success!

Vasa Previa is a condition that all the blood vessels that should be inside the placenta, are outside - exposed - of the placenta. If the vessels are hit hard, scratched by the baby's nails, have a lot of pressure on them.... the baby will drown in his/her own blood.....

Check out the stats:
1 in 25 babies SURVIVE Vasa Previa.
Especially RARE condition on top of that.
Diagnosed conditions require mandatory c section at 34 weeks.Most babies with Vasa Previa that are delivered vaginally die within hours or a few days.

This is Kimberly Morgan's testimony of her miracle baby, Kade!


  1. I loved to read of your miracle. It touched my heart.

  2. What an awesome testimony!!! Praise the Lord for his miraculous power & protection!! And what a beautiful, precious little baby boy! Thx so much for sharing.