Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Testimony by Robin Coburn

How awesome it is when a loved one surprises you with an unexpected gift? We wonder what we did to deserve such a gesture. Did you know God desires to give us, His children, the best gifts possible?

I would like to take a few minutes to share just how good and awesome our God is. When we choose to be obedient in all things and to remain faithful in all situations, watch out! You never know when God will surprise you. As the Christmas season made its grand entrance in mid October, I briefly thought I will have no money for Christmas. I will have no money to buy those special gifts that my children would put on their wish list because I recently became a single mom. I have only been divorced a few short months and did not have any extra money. However, never once did I fret or worry. Then about two weeks later, I had someone in my church approach me. They had been wondering how I was doing and thought that I may need some help for Christmas. At the time this person approached me no one knew about my earlier thought, only God. God had known my thought and he made it a point to put on another person's heart. And to make a long story short God took care of that need! My children were blessed and I as well. We had a wonderful Christmas! I encourage you to always look to God, because He does care and love you like no one else. Trust in Him.

Recently, I came across this verse in Psalms 35:7 and it reads, "Commit thy ways unto the Lord, trust in him, and he shall bring it to past." Whatever you are praying or believing for, trust God!!!!

Robin Coburn

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