Monday, April 26, 2010

Our Vision Statement

Connecting moms in our community to God, growing moms in the faith, and seeing families connected to the family of God as participates in His Kingdom.

When Kim Ratcliffe and I were first starting Mom's Connection, God gave me a vision of how this group was going to grow. In my mind I saw moms leaving our current meeting room and going into the surrounding rooms. In our first year, there were only five moms who came consistently (I'm counting myself and Kim) so seeing that vision was astounding to me. I was reminded recently how this vision is a reality. No wonder God has directed us to create a new vision and share it with everyone.

Our vision statement is meant to tell us where we hope to go. One definition is "a vision statement is your inspiration, the framework for all your strategic planning". It's what we feel God wants for Mom's Connection for the future. It's focusing us on reaching other moms in our community and growing relationally and spiritually within our group. We are believing this vision will also soon become a reality. We are already seeing evidence of it.


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