Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Shadows of a Friend by Lorra Stinnett

Sometimes at night I sit and cry, when all else is asleep. And when I think no one is listening, I hear a voice call down upon me.

"Take my hand, and I will lead you. Let me be your friend. I'll take away your sorrows, if only you take my hand. Let go of all your troubles, say goodbye to your sins. If only you believe in Me, I will be your friend."

I look upon the shadows and see the forgiving hands of Christ the Lord, standing above me, calling me to be His friend.

So many days, weeks, and months, the years have passed and grown. That, I have forgotten those forgiving hands, calling the shadows my own. But now I realize, It's Christ the Lord, whose shadows seem to grow. "Dear God, I pray, and thank You, for never letting go."

"Take my hand, and I will follow. I'd like to be Your friend. Please take away my sorrows, please take my hand. I'm letting go of all my troubles, saying goodbye to my sins. Dear Lord, I believe in You. Forever, We will be FRIENDS!"

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