Monday, October 18, 2010

A Mother's Love

My oldest daughter believes that I love her best. She is right. After all, she is my firstborn. When they put her in my arms, I could hardly believe that there was a more perfect being in the world. She looks just like her dad, but thinks more like me. We love to shop for antiques together, take in an art show, while away hours together in a bookstore. Besides being dazzled by her beauty, I am constantly amazed by her talent. She is funny and smart. She was a wonderful child; she is a spectacular adult. I am in awe of her.

What she doesn't realize, however, is that it is my second daughter that I love best. The moment I laid eyes on her, my heart opened up in a way I could not imagine. She has all the beauty of her sister, but with a heart that is more open to the world than anyone I have ever known. There is a legend in our family that she was born smiling, and those of us who were at her birth know that it is true. She is the sunshine our family revolves around. She makes me a kinder person. It is an honor to be her mother.

What my two daughters don't know is that I love my third child best. He is everything that a mother could ever want. A kind and sentimental son, one who is not afraid to give a hug or say a nice thing. He looks like me-I can actually see myself staring out of those clear brown eyes. He has an ability to see the world with a clear-headed insight I could never imagine in one so young. His views amaze me. I can't wait until he comes home, so I can listen to him talk.

Of course, none of them realize that I love my fourth child best. He is quite literally the soul of our family. He has his dad's blue eyes that turn brilliant when he laughs and deepen to a soft gray when he is thoughtful. He has a beautiful mind that never ceases questioning and searching. I am always learning something from him. The depth of his understanding astonishes me.

It is one of the paradoxes of motherhood that one child comes and fills your heart completely, but when another comes, you find your heart filled again. A mother's heart seems to have the ability to expand endlessly so that each child finds a place there that is theirs and theirs alone.

Every one of my children is my favorite. I love every one of them most of all. Each one is perfect to me. It is my right. I am their mother.

An excerpt from The Quotable Mom by Kate Rowinski

This excerpt about a mother's love touched my heart so much. I have only two children but I love them equally and yet differently for who they are as individuals.
Can you imagine our Heavenly Father writing something like this about each one of us? What would He say about you? I know for certain He would say the last paragraph: Every one of my children is my favorite. I love every one of them most of all. Each one is perfectly created and designed uniquely. It is my right. I am their Father in Heaven. I hope your heart will be touched today by God your Father in Heaven who truly loves you and thinks of you as His.

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  1. Beautifully put! I just came across your blog. Wonderful centiments. I'm a mother of one. (She's MY favorite!!)