Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Getting to Know.....Tammy Price

Recently, I sent Tammy Price our "Getting to Know You" questionnaire. This mom is equipped with a wonderful personality and a beautiful smile. I have really enjoyed getting to know her and I think that you will too.

Tammy loves to read a good mystery book in her spare time. Her favorite kind of music is contemporary christian and she enjoys listening to Toby Mac and Third Day. Her favorite movie is "Fried Green Tomatoes" and her favorite actress is Jodie Foster. Some fun activities she likes to do with her children include swimming and watching movies. Her food of choice is raspberries...yum!

She has been married for 18 years to Jimmie. They met when her father and Jimmie worked at IGA in Winchester. Her dad thought Jimmie would be the perfect match for her and he invited him over to watch basketball at their house. Tammy thought Jimmie was cute, she offered him a Pepsi and "the rest is history".

Her favorite thing about Mom's Connection is meeting other mom's would love Jesus. She chose to be in the "Being a Great Mom Raising Great Kids" group because she is always wanting to better herself as a mother and learn new things.

I asked her what a relationship with the Lord means to her and she answered, "God is my Saviour and my best friend. He is the only one I can truly tell anything to and He already knows everything about me and still loves me! I love just talking things over with God and thanking Him for everything he's done for me. I love God so much and I am so thankful Jesus died for me. God is truly my best friend. "

When asked about her biggest inspiration she replied, "Joyce Meyer. I have watched Joyce for many years on t.v. She had an abusive childhood and many problems even into her adult life. She prayed and studied the bible and cried out to God for help. She gives real down to earth teaching and advice on how to live a victorious and joy-filled Christian life. She helps people all around the world with such things as clean drinking water, food, housing, medical help, etc. She helps troubled teen girls and also has many prison ministries. Joyce has definitely helped me grow closer to Christ. I think she is a remarkable woman used by God to bless and help others."

Tina Burton

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