Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Testimony Tuesday

With the month of May approaching and the planning of my son's 9th birthday party, I wanted to share with you this testimony of God's goodness to me!

My husband and I were married four years before our son Lee was born. Before my pregnancy I was asked constantly when we were going to have children. Every time I acted like it wasn't a big deal and we were not in a rush to be parents. But that was far from the truth. We tried having children as soon as we were married. Every month I was left disappointed. We eventually saw an infertility specialist after three years of trying on our own.
We started that wonderful process of infertility treatments. During this time my father died. That did not deter me from wanting a child and we were pregnant four months later. It was amazing to have gotten pregnant so quickly but that isn't what my testimony is about today. Instead I want to praise God for His timing.
The day I found out I was pregnant was my mother's birthday, Aug. 30. My family needed some good news. We were all struggling SO HARD with the death of my father. We shared in the joy of expecting this wonderful boy, my mom's first grandchild. Then on May 2, 2000 Lee was born. Being born in May had great significance for my family. My dad's birthday was May 23. My parent's 24th wedding anniversary would have been that May 24, 2000. My dad died on May 13 and was buried on my brother's birthday, May 16.
When my father died, the month of May was left empty for me. I thought this normally joyous month was gone. But Lee was born one year after my dad's death in May. But God's goodness does not end there. My daughter was born three years later on May 28! Then my brother had his first son on May 22!
I know God created this universe and all mankind but what makes Him BIG to me is that He cares about the little things in my life. What might seem insignificant to others is not to Him! I praise God for His timing!!! It was worth the wait!

Thank you God for always making me feel valued in this enormous world!
Lisa Fraley

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