Friday, September 17, 2010

Extraordinary Love

So I'm standing at the edge of the road waving to my son as he steps onto the big yellow bus. After the bus pulls away, two of the neighbor girls peek around from behind the mailboxes and with tears in their eyes say, "Missy, we missed the bus! Can you take us to school?" Instantly I begin to reprimand them for standing at the bus stop and still not catching the bus. How dare they be so distracted and inattentive? I sent them home to have their parents drive them to school. I didn't have time for such nonsense. I have to go to work this morning and I haven't had breakfast yet. I'm nauseous, PMSing with a load of cramps. As I walk home I start telling myself why I did the right thing. Both of these girls are being raised by their father only. I know for a fact that the one dad sleeps while I walk his daughter to the bus stop every morning. I'm a single parent too. Why should I have to take care of my two kids and everyone else's as well? Neither one of these dads would help my kids. And besides they might even try to say I'm kidnapping the girls if I put them in my car to take them to school. As soon as I finished rationalizing and making excuses, the Holy Spirit began to deal with me and gently spoke "Extraordinary love".

He reminded me of a verse that says we are to be a father to the fatherless- that also includes being a mother to the motherless. No matter how tired or busy Jesus was He always made time for people. His extraordinary love is bursting through every word, every thought, every action to mankind. It was extraordinary love that nailed Jesus to the cross. If He was willing to give up everything for us because He loves us, why should we do any less? So what if we're busy or it inconveniences us?! It is in these small sacrifices that extraordinary love can be seen and heard. Extraordinary love that comes from above has the power to transcend every barrier, to penetrate every stronghold, to heal every wound, to melt any heart, to touch any life. We just have to be willing and obedient.

So starting that day I made a conscious effort to show these two girls extraordinary love. It wasn't anything huge or amazing but life-changing nonetheless. Little things such as giving them my clothes and purses I no longer needed, braiding their hair, giving them snacks, asking how their day went, taking the time to love them. And now that an unfortunate accident has left my ankle broken and I am unable to walk, these same two little girls take turns pushing me in my wheelchair to the bus stop and give me hugs and say prayers with me before leaving for school. Funny thing how extraordinary love comes around full circle. Just at a time in my life when I needed it most. See, that's how love works. That's what this life is all about-pure, honest, unfailing, extraordinary love.

1 Corinthians 13:13
"...the greatest of these is love."

Missy Beard

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