Thursday, September 30, 2010

Changing our childcare for the better!

We started something new for Mom's Connection~ having moms help out in childcare. This was not a decision we took lightly as we understand how much we need the break. However, the pros outweighed the cons. There's no better way to get-to-know another mom than to first meet her child(ren). We can save our budget for activities, supplies, and parties. Working together with your Care Circle is a great relationship-building activity that helps us connect with each other. You get to extend a hand of love to a child and bless a mom. Thank you to everyone for your willingness and great attitude!!

Sharon Doerk had this to say about helping in our childcare this past Tuesday:

Wanted to let you know how much fun Kim and I had providing Child Care for our first Mom's Connection meeting. I got to hang out with the 2 year olds and Kim was in the 3 year old room. A few ladies that provide child care during Sunday services showed up to help out, too. I know we are short handed this semester and each Care Circle will take turns providing child care. I had 8 toddlers in our room and most were the group that I get to see the second Sunday of every month. They are always a breeze to be around and get along great. I know most moms prefer the infant room, as they love to love on those precious babies. But, I gotta tell ya, I LOVE the 2 year olds. They slide, they play, they snack, they help pick up toys (as long as you ask them too). They also love to just sit and read a book with you and even sit on your lap and run a toy car up and down your arm.

I know we all look forward to our mom time at Mom's Connection. We all need a break. But, it is such a joy to be around these kids and to get the hugs when they are picked up by mom at the end of the meeting. It is so cool to watch them play together and figure out how to get along. It's fun to listen to them communicate in their own kid-way. The time goes by so quickly and you still get to fellowship with other moms, since we usually have 2 or more moms/helpers in each room. The strange part is: you do still get a break. For that couple of hours, you don't have to think about cleaning, cooking, laundry, or errands. You can be a kid again.

I guess I just didn't realize how much fun it would be.

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