Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Getting to Know...Tanya Clemons

This year, I have the pleasure of being in Tanya Clemon's care circle in Mom's Connection. She is a very sweet lady. She is a very busy woman and she amazes me with everything that she is able to accomplish in just one day out of any given week. No matter how busy she is though she never fails to make time for her family and friends. She is a great listener and has a sympathetic ear. I feel blessed to have such a great friend in my life and I feel honored to be able to feature her this month.

Tanya and her husband Darrion have been married for ten years. She has known him her entire life. She said, "He was the pesky guy whom my dad loved to talk to at the fair each year. It wasn’t until he approached me about buying my show cattle at the Berkeley County Fair in 1999 that I even considered dating him. A week later my Dad and I delivered the cattle to his farm and he ask me out…the rest is history!!"

They have four children; Chloe (6), Cole (4), Camrie(2), and Calah(8 months).

Her hobbies and interests include working on the farm and gardening. She said, "Everyday is a new adventure!" She loves watching her kids enjoy farm life and watching them grow up in this setting. Her favorite music is Christian and Southern Gospel. Casting Crowns and Chris Tomlin are her favorites.

Tanya's favorite thing about Mom's Connection is ,"Being with other moms who love the Lord. They are so uplifting and have the same problems I have….CHILDREN!! Just kidding!!! I really enjoy learning from other moms and it really helps me be a better mom when I get a break to focus on myself."

I asked Tanya what a relationship with the Lord means to her and she responded," EVERYTHING!! Jesus is my rock. He is the one who gives me rest when I’m weary. The one I tell everything to, my joys, my hopes, my concerns and my burdens. He is faithful and trustworthy. He is never bothered at how many times I call him a day, or too busy to talk. He is not offended that I raise my voice, brag to much about my kids or complain often. He loves me just as I am with all the blemishes that I am trying to get rid of!! Jesus is my daily bread, he is my constant. He is more than enough for me!!

Her favorite chapter of the Bible is Romans 12. She said, "It starts off by telling how to live and then goes on to talk about love. Love is where it is, without love we are nothing except miserable ladies."

Tina Burton

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