Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Heart-Christ's Home

One morning, I recall rushing down the steps in a hurry to be on my way to an important appointment.

As I passed the living room, the door was open. Glancing in I saw a fire in the fireplace and Jesus sitting there. Suddenly, in dismay, it came to me, "He is my guest. I invited Him into my heart! He has come as my Savior and Friend to live with me. Yet here I am neglecting Him."

I stopped, turned and hesitantly went in. With downcast glance I said, "Master, I'm sorry! Have you been here every morning?" "Yes," He said. "I told you I would be here to meet with you." I was even more ashamed! He had been faithful in spite of my faithlessness. I asked Him to forgive me and He did, as He always does when we acknowledge our failures and want to do the right thing. He said, "The trouble is that you have been thinking of the quiet time, of Bible study and prayer, as a means for your own spiritual growth. This is true, but you have forgotten that this time means something to me also. Remember, I love you. At great cost I have redeemed you. Just to have you look up into my face warms my heart. Don't neglect this hour if only for my sake. Whether or not you want to be with me, remember I want to be with you. I really love you!"

You know, the truth that Christ wants my fellowship, that He loves me, wants me to be with Him and waits for me, has done more to transform my quiet time with God than any other single fact. Don't let Christ wait alone in the living room of your heart, but every day find a time and place when, with the Word of God and in prayer, you may be together with Him.

Excerpt from My Heart-Christ's Home, by Robert Boyd Munger
Kim Ratcliffe

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