Thursday, July 16, 2009

Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer

"In what condition is your mind?" Have you noticed that the condition of your mind changes? One time you may be calm and peaceful, and another time anxious and worried. Or you may make a decision and be sure about it, then later find your mind in a confused condition concerning the very thing you were previously so clear and certain about.

There have been times in my own life when I have experienced these things, as well as others. There have been times when I seemed to be able to believe God without any trouble, and then there have been other times when doubt and unbelief haunted me mercilessly.

Because it seems that the mind can be in so many different conditions, I began to wonder, when is my mind normal? I wanted to know what normal was so I could learn to deal with the abnormal thinking patterns immediately upon their arrival. For example, a critical, judgmental and suspicious mind should be considered abnormal for a believer....

When is your mind normal? Is it supposed to wander all over the place, or should you be able to keep it focused on what you're doing? Should you be upset and confused, or should you be peaceful and reasonably sure of the direction you should be taking in life? Should your mind be full of doubt and unbelief, should you be anxious and worried, tormented by fear? Or is it the privilege of the child of God to cast all his care upon Him? [1Peter 5:7]

The Word of God teaches us that we have the mind of Christ. What do you think His mind was like when He lived on the earth- not only as the Son of God but also as the Son of Man?

Excerpt from Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer
Introduction to part two. Conditions of the Mind

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