Friday, November 13, 2009

Mom's Connection is having a Fundraiser!!!

Mom's Connection is having a fundraiser to raise money for a trip in the Spring! We will be selling Tastefully Simple! The Independent Consultant, Jennifer Csordas, has so graciously agreed to help us make the most money we can for our group! All you have to do is get the word out!

Be sure to show a book to your family and friends. If they chose to place an order from you, there will be NO SHIPPING AND HANDLING fee. This is a huge advantage! Of course be sure to add 6% sales tax. They can also order online at In order for Mom's Connection to receive credit for any online orders, the person placing the order must select Mom's Connection as the host. This is simple to do. When viewing the Shopping Cart, there is a link that says "Find Host/Event". When they click this link it will ask for the First & Last Name of the Host. They must enter "Mom's" as the first name, & "Connection" as the last name. They will then be able to select our party! However, orders placed on the website do have to pay shipping!! Only orders you take using the order forms in your packets are exempt from shipping.

The orders and money need to be turned in by Dec. 8 (Our Christmas Party). This will ensure the orders will come in before Christmas. When the orders come in, they will be sent to Donnis Lloyd (who is heading up this fundraiser). She will divide up the orders that are to be given to each mom. Each mom will be responsible for delivering the orders to their family and friends.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Donnis at
Thank you for all your effort in making this fundraiser a success!

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