Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our God Heals

This week I found out that my brother's friend, a 22 year old woman, went to her doctor and was told that she had cervical cancer. The doctor painted a very bleak picture and informed her that her options may be a hysterectomy with Chemo or that it may have penetrated too far and there was nothing they could do for her. She told my brother this news and shared her fear and frustration made worse by the fact that she is not a believer.

My brother was astounded and felt like this is where the rubber really meets the road and that for the first time there was no one else to do the praying because she wasn't willing to come into church and be prayed for by his pastor or anyone else. He said he had the overwhelming task of bringing a huge need before our Lord. Daunting as that may be that is exactly what he did, not with a nicely written out guaranteed plea but with his own words and heartfelt emotions.

My brother's friend got a call this Sunday by an amazed doctor that said she couldn't wait till Monday to give her the good news. All of her tests came back cancer free! The doctor said the reason her test results took so long was because the doctor sent them back to the lab and told them they made a mistake. The second set of tests came back exactly the same. The doctor said she had never seen anything like this and that it truly was a miracle. My brother was then able to witness to his friend and tell her that God obviously exists and is paying attention and caring about her life. It was up to her what she wants to do with it.

So during this Holiday Season pay attention to everything around you and remember that God is with you and cares about every small and large facet of our lives. Most importantly in the face of daunting circumstances remember to bring it before our Heavenly Father!

Janine DiGiovanni

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