Thursday, November 12, 2009

Staying Friendly

Thank you to Tina Burton, Janine DiGiovanni, and Jennifer Kirsch for showing us on Tuesday how to meet a new mom. I want to challenge you during our topic meetings at refreshment time that you get to know someone you don't already know. By doing this, it will make our group a friendlier place to be. Just like God wants it!

Here are some tips I went over with the group on how to keep our group friendly:

1. When approaching someone new use this phrase: "I don't believe I've had the opportunity to meet you." This will give you an opening to start a conversation and put the other person at ease. Do not say: "Are you new?" or "Is this your first time?" If the mom is not new or her first time, she could possibly be offended by those questions.

2. Extend a firm handshake when you approach a new mom and introduce yourself. In doing so, you give the gift of touch, which is something we all need.

3. Ask questions to get to know them better. Ex. Where do you live?, How many children do you have?, or How did you find out about this group?

4. Then make a conscious decision to introduce her to another mom.

Two important things to remember when deciding whether to approach a mom:
**Anytime a mom is sitting by herself, this is a clue that someone needs to reach out and have a conversation with her.
**Focus more on making someone feel comfortable than on your feelings of being uncomfortable approaching her.

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