Thursday, May 14, 2009

Attitude of the Heart

"…even victims have choices. No matter how much we’ve been sinned against, we still have the power to choose the attitude of our heart. If we cast ourselves on God’s mercy, asking him to help us, he cannot refuse. Even in difficulty, he will dwell in us, shaping our own wayward hearts into the likeness of his own".

Ouch! I pulled out my daily devotional and that was what I was presented with. Why does it seem that when things are going wrong and our attitude isn’t a Godly one, but it is an attitude we feel justified in having because of circumstances, that God always, not so gently, points out just how wrong it is?

This week in my devotional Women of the Bible by Ann Spangler and Jean E. Syswerda I was studying Michal, the wife of David. Her story as told in 1 Samuel 18:20-29; 19: 11-17; and 2 Samuel 6:16-23 is quite extraordinary. Here is a woman who marries the man she loves, and then has to choose between him and her father because he wants to kill him. When she helps him escape her father has her married off to someone else while David is in hiding. Then when Saul is killed David removes her from that home and brings her back to his. By this time she is so bitter and angry, and most would say rightfully so since she was just a pawn to the men in her life, that when there is a time of worship as the Ark of the Covenant is brought back into the city she cannot even take part.

Then it happens again, the Lord hits me right where I sit with "Michal’s contempt for her husband David reveals her own lack of true dedication. She was content to be a critical spectator rather than a true worshiper of God. Whenever anyone puts appearances or tradition or form above a true desire to worship our God and Saviour we’d best step carefully…". She couldn’t let go of her hurt or her anger towards her husband and father and so she missed connecting with the Lord.

How many times have I let circumstances or people occupy my thoughts and time as I go back and forth over hurtful events or past mistakes. During this time I could be drawing closer to God through Bible reading, prayer, and worship. How many times have I sat in church and let things that have gone on distract me from what should be my number one purpose. I bet that Satan really rejoices when our focus is off of the Lord and what he has done for us and on other people and happenstances.

My challenge is to learn from Michal’s example and turn my eyes upon Jesus. I know it won’t be easy but with God’s help all things are possible!

Janine DiGiovanni

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