Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Getting to Know.....Marci Carlisle-Faro

Last Tuesday I had the opportunity to sit in on the "Great Mom's Raising Great Kids" care circle group. Marci is a member of that group and I got the opportunity to learn a little more about her--so I just knew that she had to be featured this month. I really enjoy her genuine kindness and beautiful personality and thought that you might like to learn more about her.

When Marci has some free time she enjoys reading books by Karen Kingsbury or John Hagee. She enjoys Christian and country music, in particular , Nicole C. Mullen and Reba McKentire. Her favorite movie is ,"Flicka" She likes Julia Roberts and really loves most of her movies. Her favorite food is her mother's macaroni salad.

Marci has been with us for a few months now and I recently asked her in a questionnaire her favorite thing about Mom's Connection and she replied, " I like to get around other Christian mothers and discuss our lives and getting information that I may have not thought of. There is a comfortable atmosphere with all the ladies. They all make me feel like family."

She chose the care circle group, "Being a Great Mom, Raising Great Kids" because she likes to get information from other mothers that might help her with her two children.

Marci has been married to her husband, Frank, for one year but they have been together for 12 years as of February 12. They went to the same school in Berkeley Springs, WV, and had some classes together. She didn't want to talk to him so she wrote him a note and had a good friend give it to him. The next morning Frank came right over to her and told her that he would date her. They chose not to get married before or after their first child because they weren't sure if it was the right road for them. Their relationship was very rocky after their first child but a year before they married they knew that the timing was right. They knew that it was time to save the money for the wedding. Everything went perfect for them and it was like God was saying that this was the right thing to do. Now they have two daughters, Kaitlyn 5 and Morgan 2. Family life and time together is very important for her and her husband. They make sure that their children know that they are very important in their lives.

I asked her what a relationship with the Lord means to her and she replied, "My relationship with the Lord is important to me because as a child I was in church, but I didn't get any of it. As an adult, I can focus on the words of the Bible and apply it to my life and my family. And I can ask for help if I am lost or need help walking through it. My faith in the Lord helps me in my everyday life. Involving my family, helps my husband and children learn to follow and listen to the Lord. " She also told me that she knows that in her walk with Jesus Christ that she might not always be perfect and might need a little help through prayer and friends at church. With love and prayers she knows that she can succeed in having a close relationship with the Lord.

Tina Burton

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