Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Question... Do you dare answer?

Have any of these things happened to you?

a. Your dress was stuck in your panty hose.
b. Your child had an all-out tantrum in public.
c. You completely wiped out on the ground in front of others.
d. None of the above?...
What's your most embarrassing moment?

Give us your answer by clicking on comments and responding. Have fun!


  1. b and c-I have completely wiped out on the ground in College. Thankfully it was an 8am class so not too many people were witnesses.
    A child I was babysitting had an all-out tantrum in Walmart. I wanted to hang a sign around her that read she's not mine!

  2. B--Rebekah had an all out tantrum in Toys R Us. Shawn ended up taking her out in a football hold. I walked very far behind them!!!
    Deneil Busey

  3. Well one of my most embarassing moments just happened....heading to mom's night out and thinking I was being a cautious driver by counting to make sure all children were out of the way I accelerated out of the driveway right smack into Robert's car...my son loves to tell the story to anyone....mommy crashed her car and put a whole into it!

  4. Sorry to say-I can claim a, b & c. My dress got stuck in my hose during middle school. (Already the most socially traumatizing time in any teen girl's life!) Evan had a full-out tantrum at Wal-Mart, which included him laying down on the floor in the middle of the store & causing Timothy to walk away & pretend he didn't know our child. (Although I have to admit being in Wal-Mart sometimes makes me want to do the same thing.) And while running to catch a train into Pittsburgh during college, I fell flat on my back half on the train & half on the platform. Very classy...

  5. Needless to say I would have to say B. and D.! Trevor has had a few tantrums in public and I then have to learn to control my tongue! LOL!

    Also after having kids my bladder is so terribly weak... one time after dinner my family plus my mom and dad went to Lowe's. I had to pee and kept holding it, then someone let a stinker and of course I lost it, I peed myself right there in a aisle... LOL! I know! So Shannon was mad at me and gave me his jacket to cover myself with.. and sent me out to the car! I am no meds now! Thank God!