Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Getting to Know....Tina Burton

Every month our hospitality coordinator, Tina Burton, writes up a blog entry about one of our moms. She allows us an opportunity to get to know them better. Instead of Tina writing about someone else this month, I have the priviledge to write about her. So join me as we get to know...Tina Burton.

Tina has been apart of Mom's Connection not even a full year but has jumped right in. She even wanted to be apart of our leadership. She has done an amazing job as part of our hospitality team. She is always faithful in calling our absent moms, reaching out to them, and greeting moms at our meetings. She said her favorite thing about Mom's Connection is "the opportunity to make new friends and connect with women who have a heart for God."

Tina has been married to her husband, Sean, for four years. They met at Hagerstown Business College where Tina was majoring in Accounting. During a field trip to New York they both realized they should be together. Now they have a son named, Sean Edward, age 3, and have just built a new house. Tina's favorite thing to do with her son is watching him play with his bubble-mower. She said, "he gets great joy in helping daddy mow and I get great joy in the happiness on his face."

Some other little known facts about Tina is she loves chinese food, the spicier the better with General Tso's Chicken as her favorite dish. She doesn't have a favorite movie except anything with Robert DeNiro, her favorite actor. She loves to listen to any kind of music with the exception of opera, country, and heavy techno-type metal. Her favortite groups are Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Matchbox 20, Third Eye Blind, and Toby Mac.

Many of you already know she loves to make things with plastic canvas. She made every one small easter baskets for our Easter party, small crosses for our new members, and gifts for many others. She is very talented with this creative past time. Another favorite past time is reading. Her favorite books include anything concerning the 17th and 18th centuries and royalty. She loves a good plot or storyline.

Tina's biggest inspiration is her dad (pictured with her on the left)! He has a lot of qualities she has tried to model in her own life like being compassionate, loving, and unselfish. She describes her dad as a "beautiful person." He is her best friend and she loves him more and more with each passing year. Most importantly she has admired his relationship with our Lord and Savior. Tina said, "while everyone else was still asleep in the morning, he was up reading the Bible and seeking a closer relationship with his creator."

Finally her relationship with the Lord is one of the most important ones that she can develop. Tina says, "God to me is a reliable friend, loving father, and our compassionate creator. He knows my faults and shortcomings and forgives me for every one of them if only I ask. Where humans sometimes keep records in our heads of every wrong anybody has ever done to us- the Lord keeps no such record and keeps forgiving us every time."

Thank you Tina for giving us the opportunity to get to know you better and for being a valuable member of Mom's Connection.
Blessings, Lisa

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