Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just for Fun....pick strawberries

Pick-your-own STRAWBERRIES are ready!

We have picked every year since I can remember, I grew up next to my cousins strawberry farm and started working on it when I was in 5th grade! We have made it a family tradition to pick strawberries every year. Here is a picture from last year and one from this year.

They cost $1.65/lb. pick your own, but if you pick over 10 lbs (which is easy to do now) you get a discount, and it's only $1.45/lb. They provide containers, it's good to bring a box to place the quart boxes in when it's time to put in your car. They also have some already picked. Go to their website for more info! There is also a coupon on the website for $2 off when you spend $15. Another tip when you go there, they have 2nds (fruit/veggies that doesn't look so good to sell, so they discount the price).

We typically eat them fresh, they go fast in my house, but I always try to make some Freezer Jam, it's so easy for the kids to make. You can pick up some Freezer Jam (no cook) Pectin in the spice aisle at Food Lion. You don't even have to cook it, we use it on toast, pancakes, ice cream, and crepes! Yum! Yum! Hope you get out there, they also have two Buffalo babies recently born, and you can enter a contest to name them!

Jule Burton

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