Friday, June 19, 2009

Need a Freebie?

Pack a can of bug spray, lotion up the kids, grab the waterbottle (maybe some apple slices if your kids are anything like mine) and go for a nature walk! This past week we enjoyed taking a nature walk along the canal in Williamsport, MD (about 15 minutes north of the church). The kids had a great time collecting rocks, leaves, feathers, flowers, and anything else that caught their fancy. After the walk (and a lot of time spent throwing rocks into the river) we went home and made collages with the items they gathered!
God's earth is such a beautiful place and what better way to enjoy it than with people you love!

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  1. Janine, you do so many great things with your kids and the ones you watch. I love all your ideas. Thanks for sharing them with us!