Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Testimony Tuesday by Julia Bivens

God is always my provider. He meets every need my family has, sometimes in amazing ways. One of my least favorite chores is to pay bills. That is because with one income and four kids it is always a headache to juggle what gets paid and how much will be left for groceries. One important thing is that Eric and I always put God first in tithing and supporting missions. Since we do that, I believe God provides for all of our needs.

A few weeks ago Pastor Butler preached on being faithful and that when God asks us to give money it is stealing to withhold it. When we had our income tax return, God told us specifically where to give some money. Through one thing or another, it didn't happen, and the money went to other needs, always with the intention of me writing out the check next week. Finally, Saturday, I decided to write the checks for missions first. When I got to the end of the pile of bills I still had a little left for food (a miracle in itself). To make it better, though, when I pulled on my shorts later that day, I had fifty dollars in my pocket. WOW! I still do not know exactly where that came from, except that God sent it.

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