Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer is Here!

Summer is here! "Ahhh" goes your children and "Aghhh" goes mom. Oh, I love having my children home from school. I am so thankful they are home and not off somewhere else. But I also know this day starts a lot of busy things. My two children will have to learn to get along all over again because they're normally not around each other everyday, all day. My house will remain slightly on the dirty side with more children in my home running wild. There will be many more activities with going to the pool, having my annual yard sale, mom's group activities, the park, and play dates. Not to mention the preparation of vacations and the upcoming Mom's Connection fall semester. Aghhh! How will I keep my sanity?

The only way I know how.... putting God first. I've had the days where I have been so busy that I skip God and half way through my morning when my day is off-track, I remember what went wrong. When that happens my children suffer because I'm short on patience and whatever I had planned that day becomes an aggravation. But when I stick to my priorities which places God at the top of "my must-do list" then I have peace and order.

But how do we do that when there is so much to do in the day? I do it by getting up a few minutes before my children. I open my Bible and read. I pray and ask God to be in charge of my day and to give me peace in the midst of the unexpected. It doesn't take hours but it lasts all day.

Some other things I like to do to keep my sanity- If it's Monday I stop by the Dairy Queen for a Moo latte which are only $0.99! They are delicious! The rest of the week- I might eat lunch outside and soak in the rays, jump on my daughter's trampoline, scrapbook, or just hide in the bathroom (ha ha)!

What will you do? Comment below and share your thoughts with me....



  1. I am hoping to full the summer with free or cheap things for the whole family to do on weekends. But during the week try to keep the girls for killing each other and keep teaching Kaitlyn her school lessons and let Morgan help and learn too. Maybe take walks and let them help me clean the house.
    Expectly make them go out side to get rid of there energy

  2. Since I will have Eric's kids with me I try to find some fun activity whether it be at home or out to engage them! Only problem with this is that everyday the kids expect something and sometimes I am just out of ideas! It really tests my creativity! So this year we decided to buy a pool! Hooray! We got it last night on sale I think 13ft by if we can only get it together with the right amount of chemicals!