Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wanna go to the falls?

Are you looking for something to do that is fun for kids of all ages? Why not head to Thurmont, MD and go to Cunningham Falls. There are hiking trails up to waterfalls for older children as well as boating activities on the lake. My favorite part however is packing a lunch, a beach blanket, and the kids toys and heading to the lake for a day of playing in the sand and swimming! The lake has many shallow parts which are perfect for young children, but also has deeper areas roped off for older children. There is a snack pavillion for those of you that hate to pack a lunch and bathrooms right off the beach. It costs $4 per person, however anyone in a booster seat or car seat is FREE! If you want to join us we are planning to go on Thursday June 25th! Give me (Janine) a call at 304-274-2080 or email at

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