Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blessed Again!

Last Saturday I attended the Sweet Life Cafe Women's Retreat. It was such a blessing. I did not think I would be able to attend because I didn't have child care. I have only been to one other women's retreat and child care was a big problem. Thankfully God provided. Still when it came time to sign up for Sweet Life Cafe I only remembered the difficulty I had last time instead of how God had blessed me.

When I went to sign up for our directory pictures Heidi spoke to me and asked about the retreat. I said I don't have child care. She said she wanted to give everyone a chance to sign up and recommended some people for me to call about child care. But I still had to be intentional in calling. So I prayed that God would work it out if He wanted me to go. The person I called agreed to watch my kids and so I paid my money and signed up for the retreat. A few days later I found out that my child care had fallen through but that this person had been intentional to inquire about other child care for me. Once again when I stepped forward to ask it was all worked out.

I learned that not everything is going to come easy, that sometimes I will have to step out in faith and be intentional. It doesn't mean that just because everything didn't work out picture perfect that God didn't want me to go. In fact it was quite the contrary. Joyce Myer said the things that move God are faith and obedience. When I got to the retreat I felt myself immediately relax. One of the first activities was to write down anything that was on our minds that might hinder us from enjoying the retreat and focusing on God. Once we did that everything just melted away. I was able to just spend the rest of the time focusing on God and enjoying the fellowship. Heidi and her team thought of everything. I felt pampered and blessed. I hope we do it again and this time I will sign up right away and trust God to work out the details.

Kim Ratcliffe

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