Monday, September 28, 2009

Through Prayer

When I was a little girl, I remember taking everything to God in prayer. As I prayed and saw God answer, my faith multiplied. My mother said she wondered what would happen the day my prayers weren't answered. I clearly remember that day. I was in a hospital praying for my dad to live. I saw everyone else sitting around crying and I thought "God can change this". I began praying fervently but that didn't stop the doctor from telling us "he's gone".

For several years I struggled with prayer. I felt a yearning for God but kept myself withdrawn. I couldn't understand why God let my dad die. Then God called a woman to start a prayer group called God Catchers. After many invitations, I finally went to her house. It was there in this house of prayer that I found God again!

Because of my dad's death I was at a place of such need and humbleness that God was able to break through some barriers in my life that had limited me from being used for His Glory. Through prayer I began to become a new creation in Christ. It was my transformation.

We often talk about what we can see God accomplish through our prayers for others. But God does more for us by simply spending time with Him in prayer. We can touch Him. We feel His presence, forgiveness, power, and purpose. We are convicted, directed, and changed. Yes, God can change our circumstances! But first, He can change the way we look at our life, the choices we make, and how we relate to others. Through time in prayer he will place you in the center of HIS WILL. There is no better place to be!


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