Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Meet....Julia Bivens

Every month I choose one of the members of Mom's Connection to feature in our meet a new mom segment. This month I have chosen a very dynamic woman in Julia Bivens.

Words I would use to describe her include passionate and devoted. She is passionate in her walk with the Lord. I asked her what a relationship with her Creator means to her. She told me that He gives her a reason to be here, hope for the future, and peace for every moment. She doesn't have to rely on her own strength or have all of the answers because the Lord is her strength and holds all of the answers to every question she could possibly ask.

She is devoted to her husband and children completely. She has been married for eleven years and has four delightful little girls (pictured above). Her girls are well-behaved and very intelligent. Julia home schools the 3 older children and it really shows that she is doing a fabulous job. I asked her what is the most rewarding part of homeschooling and she said it's when something particularly difficult finally "clicks" and they understand. She loves when they learn new things. Of course, homeschooling can be difficult at times. I asked her about the most challenging part and she said that would be having the energy to do everything such as cook, clean, teach...etc. I really admire her in her devotion to giving her children the best education she can give them. I've often heard it said that we are our children's first best teacher and I would have to agree.

Julia is also one of our Care Circle leaders. I asked her to tell me a little about her group. The topic is marriage, how to pray for our marriages, ourselves and our husbands, responding to each other in an appropriate way and respecting our differences. Her favorite thing about Mom's Connection is getting to know and interact with other moms.

I wanted to know more about this fascinating woman so I asked her about some of her favorite things and here is how she responded. She likes a lot of different musical genres. Her favorites include Christian contemporary, classical and jazz. She really likes music from the 1930's and 1940's to include swing and dance bands from that period. Her favorite movies also stem from that time period. She really loves old musicals because they hold a certain magic that is hard to find now. Who can describe the feeling you first got while watching something so marvelous as Fred Astaire dancing? Pure magic! She really has a passion for reading as well. She enjoys reading anything by Jane Austin. She also likes Grace Livingston-Hill and Max Lucada, Christian romances of the 1930's and 1940's, and Anne of Green Gables.

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know Julia as much as I have. I really appreciate her friendship and I look forward to building on that friendship in years to come.

Tina Burton

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