Friday, September 18, 2009

Books for You and Your Child

During our opening at our next topic meeting, we will be giving you an opportunity to view and order books about reproduction, sex, and the changes in our bodies for our children. The books available to be viewed are: Why Boys and Girls are Different, Where Do Babies Come From?, and The Wonderful Ways Babies are Made.

The books Why Boys and Girls are Different and Where Do Babies Come From are part of a series called Learning about sex for the christian family. The series has books for ages Pre-K through High School. There will be a brief description of each series if you would like a book for an older child.

They are all good quality, hard-covered books. The books are appropriate for boys and girls. The series books are $10 each and The Wonderful Ways Babies are Made is $13. We will have a request form if you would like to purchase any of these books. Payment will be expected the following topic meeting in October.

There is great importance for the christian family to discuss the issues of sexuality with your children. In order for your values to be foremost in your child's mind, you must talk to them before their peers. You must be open and honest with your child and let them know you are a safe place for them to find truthful answers about sex. You must teach your children how God feels about sex, why He made it, and for whom He made it for. I want to encourage you to take a serious look at these books to make it easy for you to have this much needed conversation with your children now or in the future. This is an inevitable conversation that should not be treated as "one big talk" but lots of small talks as they grow into adulthood!
Lisa Fraley

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