Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Your Toddler

Don't cave in to emotional outbursts that are clearly designed to manupulate you or change a decision you've made.
Many young parents have been held hostage by a two-year-old who throws a tantrum in the grocery store when he can't have a cookie or who whines long enough to wear down their resistance. Once you've drawn your line, don't budge, and don't allow requests, begging, or demands to continue. In a firm, calm voice, eyeball-to-eyeball, take your stand: "I've said no and I mean it-don't say anything more about it."
However, as he progresses toward his third birthday, it will give your toddler great satisfaction if you allow him to make some simple decisions. "Do you want the red or the blue shoes today?" "Would you like to visit the park or the pet shop?" Remember that you will be gradually releasing control over to him during the next several years and that giving him appropriate (and not terribly taxing) choices will serve to remind both of you of this reality.

An excerpt from Focus on the Family's Complete Book of Baby & Child Care, From pre-birth through the teen years Foreword by Dr. James Dobson

Because Mom's Connecton and this blog is specially for moms, I thought it would be helpful to include on it parenting tips and other important matters of raising children. Most information will be based on excerpts from books not on personal opinions or feelings.
Lisa Fraley

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