Friday, August 7, 2009

God's Groundhog

While I was praying a few mornings ago, I was interrupted by the sound of our gate being moved. I wondered who would be there so early in the morning and got up to investigate. All I saw was the tail end of a very fat goundhog scooting across the road. He must have been too fat to squeeze under the gate without bumping it. I paused for a few moments to watch him waddle a few feet, look around, waddle a little further, sniff the air and keep waddling and stopping all the way into my neighbors yard. It was so enjoyable just to watch the way he moved, that I started to think of why God made a groundhog. Was it just for the fun of it?

All of the marvels of God's creation, why are they here? God didn't have to make everything so complex, so unique. Every creature is different. Every detail, even down to the perfectly formed atom, is carefully crafted. Some creatures cannot even be seen by people, like the outrageous looking glowing fish in the deepest part of the ocean, but God knows they are there. There are still new discoveries of creatures every year, and how long has man been investigating and cataloguing creatures? All of this ran through my mind in the space of a few moments, and I was struck by how awesome God is.

What overwhelmed me the most, though, was that despite all of His immense power and majesty, He chooses to walk with me and listen to my problems. His attention to the smallest detail of creation reassures me. When compared to the workings of the universe, even my biggest difficulties seem miniscule, but God still cares. If He made a silly little groundhog and uses it in His plan of creation, He certainly cares for me.

Julia Bivens

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