Friday, August 21, 2009

Just for fun...visit a friend

In July, Kim and I visited a friend in Myrtle Beach, Somalia Bishop. Many of you might remember her from being a part of Mom's Connection well over a year ago. We traveled down on a Thursday, us and our four children. I can't tell you the car ride was fun but going down was an adventure for us. After arriving our friend rolled out the red carpet for us. We were treated like special guests of a four-star hotel. Somalia has the gift of hospitality!

For three days we visited the beach, went shopping, relaxed, talked, and ate plenty! All six of our children played real well together. On Sunday we visited her church and had a meeting with God. What a powerful presence! Visiting our friend was a gift from God. He enabled us to save the money to go, to be so well taken care of while there, to travel there and back safely, and to reconnect with a great friend.


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