Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Physical Inventory

As the days on the calendar were crossed off this year, another birthday came and went. And I did the same thing I do every year around this time – physical inventory. It’s not a pleasant task, more like torture really, but it’s something I feel compelled to do. I take a good, long, up-close and personal look in the mirror, and take inventory of the effects of moving past yet another birthday. The results this year were not pretty… Hair with a serious attitude problem that also now requires industrial strength color to cover all the gray; skin that is beginning to crease and wrinkle even when I don’t move my face; parts of me are now drooping lower than ever; a rear-end which has expanded enough to need it’s own zip code. Like I said, not pretty. To call this inventory disappointing is an understatement. I was depressed – deeply depressed. As I stood staring into that mirror I thought, "I don’t know this woman staring back at me! She’s old! She’s ugly! Who could love this mess??" I felt totally worthless.

This is how the enemy attacks me. He nags at my self-esteem by pointing out all my physical failures. He tells me I’m worthless; too ugly to be loved. He tries to drag me down so low. But then God whispers to me that to Him, I am more beautiful than the rarest of gems!

And so, as I stared back at my reflection that day I began to, "…take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ." 2 Corinthians 10:5b. Retaking my inventory that day, with the knowledge of my beauty to God, changed my perceptions. My stubborn gray hair was now, "…a crown of splendor" Proverbs 16:31. Those creases and wrinkles became the evidence of my laughter and joy at how God has blessed me. All those drooping, sagging parts became sweet reminders of the awesome privilege of carrying life and becoming a mother to two precious little boys. And lastly, my "rear-expansion" became a not-so-subtle reminder to embrace God’s Word more, and the pepperoni pizza less. Is God amazing at makeovers or what?!

The next time you stop to take a physical inventory, be sure to use God’s perspective. I think you’ll be saying, "Hello Gorgeous!"

Be Blessed!
Donnis L. Lloyd

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