Wednesday, October 7, 2009

*Time Change*

Because there are many moms who have to leave our meetings early due to their child's preschool schedule, the leadership team has decided to begin our meetings fifteen minutes early. Our new meeting time will be 9:45 AM! This will begin our refreshment and fellowship time. We will be asking moms who are responsible for snack to bring their dish to our meeting room first then deposit your child(ren) in the appropriate rooms for childcare.

As we arrive at 9:45 AM, we can get our refreshments and enjoy some time socializing before our announcements begin at 10am. Our hope is that this small change will insure us to getting into our discussion groups no later than 10:30am. That way those who have to leave early will be able to enjoy their care circle for at least 45 minutes! As always our desire is for this group to be a time for moms to relax, form friendships, and grow more confident in their role as mother!!

Lisa Fraley

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  1. as a mom who does have a child in preschool and have to leave early i just wanted to say thank you to the leadership team for the time change.