Monday, March 23, 2009

Our Strengths and Our Weaknesses

After maintaining this blog for two weeks, I hope to continue to challenge myself with this weekly posting on Mondays. I want to draw closer to God depending on Him to speak through me and use my life to bless others. That's not just what God wants to do in me but in all of us. We are all made up of different strengths and weaknesses that God wants to use.

Our strengths can be natural born gifts or talents from God. Years ago I took a gift test and it said I was a leader. I wondered, "what is that supposed to mean, a leader of what?" I didn't know God was going to call me to lead this group. God called me a leader when I saw myself as only bossy. Some people are natural born caregivers. They are able to take care of the sick or elderly with loving hearts. That's a gift I admire. Still others exude great patience. The list goes on and on. Think about what your strengths are and how you could be using them for God.

Our weakness can be what doesn't come naturally or may be what we completely lack. My mother always dreamed of being a nurse. She spoke of it often while I was growing up. She wanted one of her three girls to become a nurse. However I learned early that I didn't have that in me. I didn't seem to really have a heart of love for people. This was one of my weaknesses. I told myself that it is just the way I am. But through my relationship with Christ, I was given a new heart. When love bubbles up out of my spirit for others, I am reminded of Christ living in me. What are the areas you struggle the most? God will challenge you in those areas, as He does me, in order to make us grow stronger.

"Being confident in this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion..." Phillipians 1:6

Don't wish you were more like someone else or berate yourself over your weaknesses. God wants to make changes in all of us for the better. Allow God to make your strengths shine brightly for Him. Then allow Him to turn your weaknesses into a new strength . That is the power of God in your life! He gets all the glory, praise, and honor. When God makes these changes, I challenge you to use this blog to share it with others. Maybe it will be a testimony, a revelation from His Word, or the development of the fruits of the spirit in your life.


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