Monday, March 9, 2009

Testimony Tuesday

"You're the God who sees me. Now I have seen the one who sees me." Genesis 16:13

This scripture verse reminds me of my testimony. When I was a child in school I was very shy. A wall-flower to be honest. Nobody really knew me or saw me, but God saw me. As I became an adult I struggled with my self worth. I had never really dated and didn't think anyone would want to date me. After several bad experiences, I married the first man who asked me, because I thought no one else would. God saw me. We were married for two years. During that time my father was sick a lot and eventually died. I fell into a deep depression. Doctors told me there was no cure for depression. I felt hopeless. My marriage ended, and I took all the blame. As I sat on the floor of my mother's house crying, God saw me. I was in a pit of despair and could see no way out. But God was at the top of that pit, saying 'look up I see you'. When I did He took my hand and slowly began to pull me out. He healed me of depression. I eventually gave my heart to God, and have been saved for 10 years now. Now that I am saved I can truly say "Now I have seen the one who sees me."

Kim Ratcliffe

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